To Whom It May Concern,

I grew up in a haze. I was born in Harare, Zimbabwe, and at a tender age, I experienced loss, capricious family relationships, migration, and adoption.

My journey has been all things challenging and all things glorious. It has characterized the researcher I am, and helped reimagine the ways in which I view community, care, love, and justice. Through this process of surrendering I have made a conscious and intentional vow to dedicate my life to justice and liberation. What does that look like? I interrogate everything, while being honest with myself and my communities. I wrestle with the beliefs that I hold by unpacking them, even if I land back where I started. I believe in growth, accountability, and imagination. Justice in the form of critical action, critical thoughts, and critical being. 

In this space (head to the menu bar) you will find two sections: “Critical Thoughts“, and “Critical Books“. Enjoy.

As the late Toni Morrison said, “The function of education must produce humane human beings. [It must] refuse to continue to produce generation after generation of people trained to make expedient decisions rather than humane ones.” I am on this journey… Won’t you join me?

In Solidarity,