Critical Books

I love the word survival. It sounds to me like a promise”.

Audre Lorde

Currently Reading: “Beyond Survival: Strategies And Stories From the Transformative Justice Movement”

“This title is poetic. Recursive. Survival already means to live beyond. Beyond what? Beyond disasters, systemic and interpersonal. Beyond the halted breathing of our ancestors. Beyond yesterday. And five minutes ago. Beyond that. The change-shapers and community-builders gathered together in this book are all visionaries. But that’s not it. This books puts the “be” in “beyond”.

Beyond Survival

Justice, Justice, You Shall Pursue (Goes Here)

confrontation with the unconscious

I’ve been in a closed rebellion– a rebellion against the mind. I’ve had a fraying sense of belonging— trying to gauge as to where my allegiance lies. I’m speaking about the belonging that happens when you’re living within, amongst, and next to your psyche. I’m living within the conscience of my consciousness. This is all too difficult to explain, because it is all too eerie, all too complex, and seemingly innocuous. And, still, to acknowledge that I’ve been feeling this split in my psyche is to acknowledge and tap into greater feelings of hope, joy, and most importantly harmony.

Nervous Conditions

No. 3 A lot of my childhood memories are hazy, and most of them were borne and tendered to by older family members, and the occasional spilling of secrets and gossip chains. From these bits and pieces it is hard to know where I begin. Sometimes it feels as though my history, my understanding of […]

Questions For The Self

I’ve been asking myself questions like: Who gets to be ‘the self’? Who gets to exist and participate in humanity within the fullness in which I can only desire and fantasize about?

Theory without practice can be irresponsible, and it can drive people who need immediate solutions away from the support they need. We want to show the messy, beautiful, and unromanticized aspects of this movement. We want to highlight the stories and strategies of everyone who tried something just because no one else was going to, because, like us, they didn’t know if they would survive.”

Beyond Survival

Transformative justice and community accountability are terms that describe ways to address violence without relying on police or prisons. These approaches often work to prevent violence when harm is occurring, to hold people accountable, and to transform individuals and society to build safer communities. These strategies are some of the only options have to address harm.”

Beyond Survival from “Building Community Safety”

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